The Two Nations

Cultural Awareness Course

This course is called Doubble Consciousness. Yes! it's with 2 b's. You'll discover why, and with very good reason, as you progress in the course. 

Double Consciousness is a concept put forward by W.E.B. DuBois. He was a Social Reformer and somewhat of a poster boy for the NAACP (National Associations & Advancement of C0loured

Double Consciousness is about two streams of thought and two social identities.  It refers to those who were assimilated (blended to a new culture) and experienced trauma. These are the brown and black people who had to reconcile with their two-ness.  The other specific group that we define are the assimilators and their descendants. 

During the sessions, the concept of Doubble Consciousness Fundamentals is saturated and applied to all groups of people,  The material can be riveting and it does come with some trauma triggers.  However, this is discussed beforehand and we are diligent about creating a brave safe space for all our participants. We take a look at Dr. Joy DeJruy’s work, Dr. Kenneth Hardy, Tommy Curry’s work, and some great psychologists, therapists, and social scientists.   During the sessions, the Dichotomy and Duality of the two nations are thoroughly unpacked.  There is literally a transformation of hearts as we travel through a ‘time warp’ from the present to the past and back home again, then again and again until we reach a place of potential conversion and understanding. As we result, you will develop a desire to implement some true personal changes.  

The course, Doubble Consciousness Fundamentals, is a prerequisite in order to take the second course, Doubble Consciousness Advanced. 

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