More About Sandra


Hi,  I'm Sandra.

I am a passionate Life & Wellness Coach!  I also love connecting with other women.  Woman to woman, sometimes it's hard to realize that we are unaware of our strength and tenacity in various aspects of our life. During a Life Coach Session, no matter what your life journey, together, we can take your life experiences and leverage the life lessons to guide you toward living your BEST LIFE!     I will partner with you through the stages of awareness toward your "Aha!" Moment.    There can be a number of these moments and they are very fulfilling not only for my clients but absolutely for me, as I witness transformational moments.

If you need an impartial ear during any of these crossroads of life  . . .
  • bringing awareness to your most fulfilling life.
  • faith-focused conversation in your Christian walk to bring direction
  • letting go of difficult emotions and living for today
  • processing a difficult time in your life journey
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Sandra McKechnie - Life Coach

More About Sandra

Over time, I have been able to experience consistency and significant changes in a number of my clients. Your life experiences will be respected and are very useful as a catalyst. They propel you to tap into your awareness and possible resolutions for various situations including Marriage, Separation, Divorce, Illnesses, Death & Dying, Loss, Identity challenges, a sense of self, oppression, bias, life direction and more. These are some of the life experiences that I have personally leveraged to bring me into an awesome place of awareness today. 

A good coach must experience growth and change. Personally, this is why I myself will not be without a coach. A coach does need to be coached in order to come to the level of awareness that it takes to effectively coach others.  My ideal clients become very aware of this as I ask the right questions. They become self-motivated and consistent. I desire and respect the coaching space enough not to give my clients the answers from MY own life's tests. Knowing MY answers are not yours and one size doesn't fit all. I watch my clients become patient with themselves, stronger, consistent individuals pursuing their goals and dreams. 

I am also a Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness Coach.  In this current culture, racism is still an issue. Through an anti-bias/anti-oppression lens. I offer a brave, safe space for marginalized, non-marginalized people and minorities. They start to realize their own self-awareness, relating to themselves and relating to marginalized people and so-called minorities.  The result is a transformational, eye-opening, journey to freedom.

I would love the opportunity to share more with you and hear your heart during a FREE DISCOVERY CALL.